American Democracy Essay

American Democracy has evolved a lot over the years as people gained more rights and power in the government. America's Democracy began with the implementation of the Articles of Confederation, which created a democratic republic. This means that the power to rule comes from the consent of the people. Moreover, in America's democracy, these people vote for representatives that represent their ideals. Although the Articles of Confederation was flawed in many ways, it was the first attempt at a democratic republic on a massive scale. 

America's Democracy continued to evolve with the ratification of the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. The ratification of the Constitution gave the people far more power than its predecessor (AOC) in giving rights/liberties, as well as more governmental control to the people. An example of how it gave more control to the people would be how the Constitution created a bicameral federal legislature, where the House of Representatives were elected directly by the people. People now had an opportunity to have a say in governmental affairs and therefore had a hand in guiding its future. However, America's democracy still had a long way to go as women, and minorities such as African Americans were discriminated against as they could not participate in politics. Besides that, America's democracy massively expanded with the Bill of Rights, which granted many fundamental rights & freedoms to freedom. An example of a right would be freedom of religion, which allowed for a more tolerant and diverse society. Another example of a right would be Freedom of speech, which allowed any citizen to express their opinion without the threat of censorship or punishment. This demonstrates the Bill of Rights necessity for a functioning democracy as people could participate in politics without having to conform to a specific political belief and could form their factions. These factions would help create stability in America's democracy as it would create competition among themselves and prevent one faction from gathering too much power. America's expansion of democracy continued over the centuries by allowing the people to directly vote for Senator. And by providing women/minorities with the right to vote & freedoms/rights that they previously didn't have. America's Democracy evolved over the years by allowing every citizen to participate in politics, and by giving them more freedoms & rights.