Unbroken Essay Example

Throughout the novel, Louie Zamperini has shown feats of strength that surpassed obstacles that were between life and death. Yet others may argue that what Louie did every man was capable of doing themselves, but strong evidence shows what Louie did wasn’t easy to pull off. He proves himself by solving problems quickly and adapting to situations to keep himself and his friends alive. 

Louie has proved himself to be able to adapt quickly to different situations that most people can’t. When the Green Hornet goes down he manages to escape and regain consciousness to retrieve the rafts in time. Louie is then adrift and was able to survive, with his drive to live that wouldn’t allow him to break. Louie maintained the men as much as he could by killing birds and making it into a bait; and he didn’t resort to cannibalism. He also deeply cares about how the men think being shown here “Louie was more concerned about sanity then he was about sustenance.. was determined that no matter what happens to their bodies their minds would stay under control. He did what other men haven’t done to keep their sanity by quizzing each other.” Louie isn’t like other men that would have easily lost hope and gone mad he manages to keep their minds sane asking questions on every conceivable question. When the plane starts shooting at them Louie jumps into the water he reacts with quick thinking to keep the men alive when he resurfaces and sees the raft is covered in holes sinking quickly with sharks circling them. He goes to use the patching kit he realizes it isn’t waterproof. He then acts quickly “ He lifted the perforated area clear of the water, wipe the water from the surface, and held it away from the waves, letting it dry in the sun..A whitecap would drench the patch before it dried, and he’d have to be at it again.”. Louie’s perseverance is clear here repeating the same difficult task and resourcefulness is seen with his quick mind finding a solution in time to fix the raft. With this Louie manages to keep Phil alive clinging onto hope. Without Louie, one can strongly agree that Phil would have perished without him. For many more days with just Louie and Phil alone Louie manages food to live on long enough until they reach the Marshall Islands that would lead on to hell. 

 The aftermath of the men’s “rescue” from the Japanese ship would really display Louie’s inner strength that no man can match up. Here Louie maintained to hold what was lost in other thousands of other POWs, dignity. The guards were vicious “They entertained themselves by humiliating them. Every day, at gunpoint, Louie was forced to stand up and dance.. made Louie whistle and sing, pelted him with pitsful of gravel.. Finding his helpless contortions hilarious.” Louie still keeps hope with the same torcherous routine it is a wonder how Louie managed to keep himself from going crazy. Other men on Kwajalein have lost full hope never having the same ressilance as Louie. He maintains hope from a familiar sound from the ocean “ The voices he had heard over the raft had come to him again.. He let it wash over him, finding in it a reason to hope..He prayed intensely.” With so much to take from the vicious guards to being injected with harmful chemicals like a rat Louie pushes through it, fighting to stay alive long enough to be able to see his family again. The amount of hope and determination must have been unfathomable it proves that Louie is no ordinary man, but an extraordinary man with special skills only acquired by him. 

Louie when he returns home would face the mental aftermath of the POW camps. Yet even though he faces these he surpasses them and thrives on his own. When he returns he gets married, however he struggled to maintain his battle with alcohol which was tearing his marriage and life apart. He was going down a dark road that held a solitude and depressing life. When Louie goes to Graham’s sessions in town he hears him speak about how no human can hide their true selves from God. “Louie felt indignant rage flaring at him, struck a match. I am a good man.”. In reality he knew what he had become. Graham’s words made him realize that he had lost his way and his moral conscience. He finds redemption in giving up on fighting and instead using his time in serving God. Louie finds resilience in love and believing he was made anew “When he thought of his history, what resonated with him now was not all that he had suffered but the divine love he believed had intervened to save him..That morning he believed, he was a new creation.”. Louie thrives on this believing he has a clean slate in now believing in God he is exceptional making his life better. He is remarkable getting his life back together winning the battle with alcohol and overcoming his problems being able to fix his life back together not many other soldiers are fortunate enough to have the same happy ending as Louie.

In conclusion, Louis Zamperini has had a tough life during and after the war. He had to endure humiliation and intense pain from POW guards that saw then as lesser humans pathetic compared to them. They deprived him of water, food, and shelter and with Louie’s luck, he got guards that try to steal something a man cannot afford to lose, their dignity. Louie is a legend on the track and battlefield proving himself unique his history shows he can find ways to survive being an exceptional man saving himself and others with his skills and knowledge. It is difficult to imagine any other ordinary man to do what Zamperini did because he had his own extraordinary talent in adapting to survive.